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Not all insurance is employer based. If you are looking for a plan for you or your family, we can help.

Comprehensive Identity Theft Protection from LifeLock helps safeguard your finances, credit and good name.  In today's always-connected world, that is more important than ever. LifeLock helps stop identity fraud before the damage can be done.

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Caring is the ultimate competitive advantage

The Affordable Care Act has many complex requirements that impact individuals, employers and healthcare providers. Understanding your responsibilities is critical to remaining in compliance and avoiding fines.

​One of the staples of CMA is our Group Benefits Programs. Your benefit programs need to be cost effective and meet the unique needs of your company. 

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We recognize the fact that most people do not like dealing with insurance. We also know that very few have the training, time, or the patience to deal with insurance we do it for you. Our approach to benefit programs allows us to find the best products and prices without sacrificing service.

An award winning, cloud based platform, of integrated HR resources supported by HR experts for all your workforce issues. 

We’re excited to announce our partnership with Ease. Exclusively for employers, this free webinar will teach you how to utilize Ease's partners to better manage company growth, compliance, payroll sync, and tailored benefits like HSAs and telemedicine. 

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The newly revamped Ease, formerly EaseCentral, is your online enrollments and benefit management tool. The Ease platform easily converts a cumbersome, paper based process into a fast, intuitive way to manage benefits for the small employer or an employer with hundreds of employees.

Your link To HR Management. MyWave Connect helps your management team streamline HR tasks, address compliance issues and creates custom employee communications, such as newsletter or fitness campaigns. It is timely, easily accessible and at your fingertips.

Covered California partners with licensed insurance agents to help reach and enroll Californians in need of health insurance coverage. Covered California agents must be trained and certified in order to sell Covered California Health Insurance Plans.

CMA Insurance has recently partnered with ThinkHR to bring out clients the best in live human resource expertise with innovative online technology to deliver trusted HR knowledge solutions that enable organizations to thrive. HR Professionals use ThinkHR tools to be more effective in their roles. And, all employers benefit from their HR compliance tools while building a positive and productive workplace.